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Will Sunak Support the Growth of Electric Vehicles in the UK?

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Sunak says, “The UK is a passionate driving nation because driving provides freedom”... what does this mean for the future of electric vehicles in the UK?

During the infamous leadership battle between Truss and Sunak, the new PM pledged to “stop the war on motorists once and for all”. Not only did he describe smart motorways as “unsafe”, but Sunak also brought to attention the cut to fuel duty during his time as chancellor.

So, what does he think of electric vehicles and what does it mean for the future of EVs in the UK?

Sunak confirmed that the UK will remain committed to reducing emissions by almost 70% by 2030, which includes the ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles (even though this wasn’t explicitly mentioned in his PM statement at COP27 - an event which he almost didn’t attend due to the deadline of the November budget).

By 2028, the UK government wants over half of all car sales to be electric. Last year, they accounted for just over 10% with the market growing year on year, so perhaps this is a reasonable target aided by the growth of commercial and public EV charging infrastructure as provided by companies such as Charge and Recharge.

Companies such as Rimac and Aehra have jumped on board the electric bandwagon with their ultra-luxury - and ultra-expensive - offerings. Tesla continues to power ahead with their target of manufacturing one-million electric vehicles a year, and even vans are becoming more feasible for use in businesses across the UK.

There is momentum behind the sale of electric vehicles in the UK. Hopefully, with a Prime Minister as pro-car as Rishi Sunak, we will see the EV industry go from strength to strength.

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