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What do green number plates mean?

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Since they started appearing on vehicles at the end of 2020, green number plates are being spotted more and more. But many people are confused as to what they mean. With some thinking they mean you are Irish, voted to leave the EU or are a member the Green Party. Enough of the politics, here’s what they actually mean.

Green number plates are now put on all new pure electric vehicles (EV) to help raise awareness of zero emission vehicles. They can also be more easily identified by local authorities as some offer incentives, like cheaper parking, access to bus lanes and free entry into zero-emissions zones. If you buy a new EV and do not want a green number plate, notify the dealer before the vehicle is registered.

How to apply for a green number plate

Anyone with a pure EV can apply through any registered number plate supplier. Once you prove your name, address and that you have the right to use the registration mark, you will be able to buy a green plate. This is only applicable for zero-emission vehicles and won’t be available for petrol and diesel hybrid vehicles.

How much does a green number plate cost?

Number plate costs will vary from supplier to supplier. Halfords offer a pair of green plates (front and back) for £36. Use the button above to find your nearest registered number plate supplier.

Countries that use green number plates

The UK isn’t the first country to introduce green number plates for pure EV’s. Norway, Hungary, Canada and China have all introduced green plates and seen an increase in EV sales as a result.

Alongside the introduction of green number plates further investment in the EV charging infrastructure and incentives to buy EV’s is needed to encourage drivers to switch. What will be the deciding factor in making you switch to an EV?


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