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Should petrol supercars give up the race?

Top Gear roared back onto our screens with an epic (and highly relevant) battle of petrol vs. electric supercars.

Episode one saw Chris Harris in the Rimac Nevera take on the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ… and completely destroyed it in a head-to-head drag race.

However, the Rimac is almost 10x the cost of the Aventador at an eye-watering £2 million.

So, what would you get for your millions?

A study by Uswitch revealed that almost one in three people would be nervous about switching to an electric vehicle due to range anxiety. For the low price of £2 million, the Rimac can get you up to 300 miles off a single charge, which is one of the largest batteries in any electric vehicle - what a steal!

The electric powerhouse has 1914bhp, compared to 759bhp with the Aventador. It is also almost entirely built with parts made by Rimac, excluding just the tyres and air conditioning. This is impressive and does explain the staggering cost of the Rimac.

The all-electric Rimac was able to catch the Aventador with ease, even with the Lambo having a huge headstart leading Paddy McGuinness to ask, “So is that it? Electric’s won? Should all petrol supercars just give up?”

“It’s not as simple as that”, replied Chris Harris, “They need to give up on the acceleration and speed race because these things are so fast, and there’s no catching up.”

Harris’ advice to petrol supercar makers is to “trade on emotion now. Gear changes, sound, go lightweight.”

We will soon find out if they have taken his advice as we head into 2023 and beyond, ever closer to the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles.

Alfa Romeo is bringing out a mid-engined two-seater sports car next year to battle the likes of Lamborghini and McLaren. Have they been listening to Chris Harris, or are they going for acceleration over emotion?

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