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How can I find electric car charging points in the UK?

The government pledged 300,000 public charge points in the UK by 2030. As of July 2022, we are at 32,000 according to the Department for Transport.

Apps for finding charging points around the UK

Zap-Map offers one of the best and most extensive apps for finding EV chargers in the UK. They showcase 17,000 locations and it allows you to filter ‘free to use’ chargers and even has a route planning feature.

Free of charge charging stations?

There are thousands of free EV charging points across the UK, ranging from supermarkets and service stations to hotels and cinemas. Always be sure to check company policy as they may be for customers only.

Since January 2020, Tesco has added over 640 chargers as they lead the way in the EV supermarket rankings with 922 in total. They are followed by Asda who have 246 chargers across their stores and Morrisons who have the biggest supply of rapid chargers.

Melanie Shufflebotham, Zap-Map’s co-founder, acknowledged the “encouraging” progress made by supermarkets following the rise of EV drivers in the UK. Not only are supermarket offering full-charging support, but they are also ideal for top-ups while their customers are shopping.

Keep it up supermarkets!

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