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How can EV chargers help your business?

A Glassdoor survey found that 79% of employees said that instead of a pay rise they would like more job perks and benefits. One of the most modern and sustainable ways of fulfilling their wishes is by installing EV chargers at your business premises.

Employee recruitment

EV charging in the workplace puts your business ahead of the pack. It conveys a message that you are a leader in environmental and technology advancements to prospective employees (and customers!). For employees interested in your company, having EV chargers could be the perk they need to say “yes.

Employee satisfaction

Once you have hired your employees, keeping them happy is important. EV chargers may not be an option for employees who rent their home, or who have no driveway or garage available to install a charger. Therefore, having one at work could be a highly valued perk alongside their existing benefits. Even if you decide to charge employees a fee for charging their cars, employees will still be satisfied due to the convenience of being able to charge when necessary.

Environmental goals

Whether you are a FTSE 100 company or an SME business, sustainability is important for the future. It is particularly key if your organisation claims to be committed to reducing its carbon footprint and reducing emissions. Simply having EV chargers installed can go a long way towards these goals!

Attracting tenants

For residential or commercial landlords, installing EV chargers can put you a head above other potential buildings in the eyes of a tenant. It helps you keep tenants too, since you may be accommodating for their future needs when petrol and diesel cars are no longer available after 2030.

If you wish to go a step further, the installation of EV chargers usable by members of the public can increase awareness of your brand and business. Plus, it can be an extra source of income for you if you monetise public use!

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