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Fully Charged Live: A Recap

The Fully Charged Live Show is one of the biggest EV exhibitions in the world.

Our team visited the show on Friday to see what new technologies have been introduced to the EV market.

With industry big-hitters such as LV, ZapMap, the AA, and Sheel Recharge exhibiting, there was much to see.

What Did We Learn From the Show?

Chargers are getting bigger and smaller at the same time... no, we haven't gone crazy!

Residential chargers are getting smaller and more customisable to best suit your taste.

Commercial charging capabilities and power are growing all the time. Councils, businesses and charging destinations are prioritising fast chargers to ensure all EV drivers have access to a chargepoint.

Companies such as POGO have brightly coloured, powerful chargers with fully-funded charging solutions for destination charging.

Autel, on the other hand, have a sleek, all-white design with touch-screen advertising options available on the chargers themselves.

The one thing they have in common is size! DC chargers in particular are huge and there were several on display at the show.

Installers were in high demand at the show and we networked with many manufacturers to become trusted installation specialists across the UK.

For your own AC or DC charger installation, contact Charge and Recharge today!


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