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Can you charge your electric vehicle at supermarkets?

Supermarkets in the UK are increasing their EV charging infrastructure year on year.

As you can see from the graph above, Tesco is currently taking the lead with around 500 chargers in the UK. Tesco joined with Volkswagen to ensure they had the most extensive range of 7kW, 22kW and 50kW charging stations in any UK supermarket chain.

The 7kW and 22kW chargers are free to use for customers and the 50kW chargers are available at a cost of 28p p/kWh.

The supermarket with the highest ratio of chargers to stores is Lidl with around 120 chargers for their 800 stores.[1] However, it’s not just supermarkets that can install EV chargers. To have chargers at your place of work, speak to our friendly team on 01827 211600 or email!

[1] Note: figures differ based on different sources, so number is approximate


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